It never would have occurred to me before. It would have never been a topic of conversation in my past. I’m now very curious about the subject. How can a person with such strong negativity, anger, or happy excitement rub off on you.

For instance five minutes with a person with strong enough energy can leave you either super anxious, stressed upset or happy, calm, or pumped up.

Our bodies are constantly radiating a energy field outward. Any thought, action or intention triggers an emotion this gives the energy a label of being positive or negative.

For example if someone gives you a genuine complement it triggers a positive emotion which triggers positive energy.

Negatives energies strip you of your peace, and well being, positive energy keeps you happy and rejuvenated.

This goes for parenting. Your kids pick up on energy. If you want them to be happy you have to show them you are happy. If your angry, anxious or sad they will pick up on it and eventually be the same.

So the next time your feeling down it may sound cliché think good thought force yourself to smile, give a complement to a stranger. It may feel hard when your not having a great day or surrounded by people who are nagging, or complaining change the subject focus on something that brings you joy. If you cant think of one thing, think of what made you happy when you were a child.


Too early……. more sleep…… please…….

Woke up this morning at 4am My alarm was set for 5am. I couldn’t go back to sleep. But I felt like I needed about 10 more hours of sleep. I finally got up by convincing myself I could go back to bed once my daughter C took the bus.

The worst thing to have to do when your exhausted is wake up a child who is also super sleepy After gently stroking her on the face, saying goodmorning in a low voice in her ear. In return I recieved a hand shoving me away and a low groan. Then she turned back shoved her face in the pillow and covered her head.

I continued to uncover her, physically sit her up, kiss her neck and said Good Morning lowly. She stared off sleepily in a daze. Then before she threw herself back into bed again. I lifted her out of bed and carried her to the bathroom. As soon as we were in the door way of the bedroom she grabbed on to the door way, gripping on to the walls. I said “C let go we have to get up for school. After gently unprying her little kung foo grip. We entered the hallway I asked if she had to use the bathroom no reply back I go towards the bathroom she spread out her little legs like a v each foot against the door way not wanting to enter. I was able to back up turn in a circle swirl aound and carry her to the toilet were I helped her on I sat on the edge of the tub right besides her. She whined a bit and attempted to get up twice I redirected her back on the potty each time saying “potty first then you can get a drink” Nothing better then the sound of pee in the toilet to jump start a good day. Well in our home at least. It just seems like when C is going to have a bad day she will not go to the bathroom as soon as she wakes up, is what I mean.

And you may think ok why is your nine year old not responding or using the bathroom without help. Its because she has autism, a severe development delay, and a rare genetic disorder.

Ok so now that your caught up, Ill continue. I helped her wash up, lead her by the hand to the living room. I get her dressed and served her breakfast while she watched a show. I go to the kitchen to grab her drinks to add to her lunch bag put it in her back back and poof shes gone I pull her out of bed again. Put her on the reclyner with a toy. Ok she looked content watching a movie I go to get her seatbelt harness for the bus and jacket. I glance over and no sign of her except part of her breakfast on the floor the dog is now eating a few feet away is her blanket she ditched, a few feet away from that is her toy, and the trail goes all the way down the hall into her grandmas room. She was all cuddled up with the remote in her hand. I enter the room “whats going on in here ?” She turns her head away from me. She tucked her head into her grandmas arms, covering herelf. In other words nonverbally telling me Im not moving mom. I gave her a few minutes. Then managed to get her up to put her shoes and coat on, just as the bus arrived.

We walked towards it in our driveway. C leads me away from the door not wanting to get on. I said “C its time to time to go to school.” I gave her a kiss and she grabbed on to my neck clenching on. I hugged her. And then helped her on she refused to walk so I carried her up to greet the school bus driver she grabbed on to the doors pulling back with her hands and feet. The bus driver laughed and said “someone doesn’t want to go to school today.” I helped get her to her seat. I smiled and said yeah “I think she’s a little sleepy head today.” I waved as they pulled away.

I walked up to the house thinking wow C acted exactly how I felt laughing to myself thinking man I really want to go back to bed. But of course I didnt.

I got some coffee and went into the next childs room uncovered her and said “time to get up your dentist appointments this morning.”

And yet again I got the same response. A low groan grunt disoriented hand swat. This time by a moody twelve year old that just started her period.

She covered herself back up. By the way she looked I said Ill give you a few more minutes……

Did I dare go back in there. Yes I did I said “if she didnt get up the dentist does house calls I would just have him stop by.” That seemed to work

she was still a little upset at me from yesterday. I made her go to gymnastics class even though she was on her period. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time. Now I kinda feel bad. But she made it though and was ok.

So today started off rocky, but I was able to get one sleepy kid off to school, one hormonol tween to the dentist stop at the grocery store all before 10:00 am. Im hoping the rest of the day goes smooth, productive.


I used to hate Mondays. I would get to bed too late the night before. Usually rushing to make it out the door to get to school, and work on time. Annoyed and moody drinking coffee as fast as I could as if it were a magic elixir to fix my day.

Now I am grateful for Mondays. A clean slate, a time to reflect on the previous week.

Think about what worked or what was a total desaster and why? Without being Bias. Look at yourself from the outside if you were a co-worker or neighbor looking at you from their prospective what would you see. Get out of your comfort zone and try and be a little better then you were before. Even if its something as small as letting someone in line go infront of you rather than being rude because of a long line at the store. Maybe you let people get away with more then you should dont be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself.

Or you feel bad about yourself because you didn’t pass a test or work out, maybe you just didn’t get to do something you had your heart set on. Dont give up or coward away and keep doing things exactly the same as the week before and the week before and the year before. How are you supposed to grow and get ahead if you are expecting different result by doing the same old thing. Again I will say it the key is to get out of your comfort zone. People dont get successful by bumping their heads into the same big mountain and quiting they achieve their goals by finding new ways and outlooks on problems, and not giving up when they hit a wall. They stop re-assess and try again. Until they get closer to thier dreams. So try and see Mondays as a new fresh start no matter what your going throug big or small.

If you happen to read this HAVE A GREAT DAY!